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Do You Need a Truck before getting your Operating Authority?

We frequently are asked by our customers--

Can I get a MC Number without a Truck?

The Answer is Yes. In order to do the Application, you do not need a truck.

However, I always recommend you do.


You only have 90 days from the application date to get your Insurance Filing with FMCSA completed. If you pass that date, there is more fees to pay. We never like our customers to pay more than they need to!

Sometimes it takes longer to find a truck. Also, sometimes it takes longer to get insurance, as well.

So, we really do recommend you do obtain your truck before starting the registration process.

Ready to get your Operating Authority?

We have several packages available, but this one is the most General One for Truckers getting started.

It includes your DOT Number, MC Authority, BOC3, & United Carrier Registration.

Questions? Please call 410-934-9836 or email

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