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Authority-Self Management Training

Authority-Self Management Training


Do you want to manage your Operating Authority yourself?


Do you need to learn how to do it?


Training includes:


  1. DOT/MC Registration Process
  2. How to do Updates
  3. How to respond to different issues with your DOT/MC. Such as, Reinstatement, Detaching MC, Deactivating Numbers, and much more.
  4. FMCSA portal Management
  5. DOT Consortium Registration and Management
  6. IRP Registration Process
  7. IFTA Registration Process and Quarterly Reports
  8. State Permits Registrations
  9. UCR Registration
  10. Driver Qualification Files
  11. Safety Audits
  12. 2290's
  13. Insurance
  14. Fuel Cards
  15. ELD's
  16. CDL Requirements


This training will go over everything related to being an Owner Operator. Everything will be given in steps and you will have all the skills necessary to do each item mentioned above.


Additionally, after the course is completed, we are available for on going questions, if needed.

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