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If you plan to operate a vehicle of 10,000 lbs or more in Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW - total combined weight of truck, trailer, and load) then you will need a USDOT Number.  If you are a passenger carrier and your vehicle will be used to transport 16 or more passengers you are required to obtain a USDOT Number.  If you are a for-hire (being compensated) passenger carrier and your vehicle will be transporting 9 or more passengers you are also required to have a USDOT Number.  

Being that the USDOT Number is required based on your total weight (carriers transporting goods/freight) or the number of passengers you are transporting (passenger carriers - limo service, bus company, passenger van, etc) it doesn't matter if you are a private carrier or a for-hire carrier, the US Department of Transportation requires that you obtain a USDOT Number.  Depending on your classification, it is easy to make a selection on the application for a USDOT Number that is incorrect or that does not actually apply to you that will end up costing you more money than initially needed. This may also add requirements that you are not actually required to meet.  

Let us help you obtain your USDOT Number right away with a mistake-free application!

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