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NY HUT: What is it? Do you need it?

What is NY Hut?

The New York highway use tax (HUT) is required to be paid by all motor carriers (both interstate and intrastate) operating certain motor vehicles on public highways in the state of New York.

The tax is based on miles traveled on New York public highways (excluding toll-paid portions of the New York State Thruway). Carriers subject to the HUT must keep records of the miles traveled each day in New York by each vehicle subject to the tax. The tax rate is determined by the weight of the motor vehicle and the method used to report the tax (chosen by the carrier).

What if I am caught driving without a NY HUT registration in New York?

➝Suspend or revoke your certificate of registration.

➝Deny your company from operating motor vehicles in New York.

➝Impose criminal fines, imprisonment, or both.

What are the filing requirements?

Once you have the NY HUT account issued, you will need to file your HUT quarterly reports in a timely manner to keep your certificate in good standing. The quarterly reports will be mailed to you by the state at the end of each quarter. The quarterly reports are due the last day of the month following the end of the quarter.

Do you Travel inside New York?

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