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Maryland Home Improvement License


Do you want your contractors License in Maryland?

Do you need help with the process?

Look no further! I can help you with all the steps necessary! I complete all the applications and forms for you! I know how you can successfully obtain your Home Improvement License in Maryland!

Determine the Type of Contractor License You Need

  • Home Improvement License - Contractors performing any work that involves repair, replacement, remodeling or alteration of any part of a residential building are required to have a Maryland Home Improvement License.

  • Master Electrician License - To perform electrical work you are required to obtain a master electrician license.

  • Plumber’s License - If you wish to do plumbing work you must get a master or journey plumbing license.

  • HVACR License - To perform HVACR work you must obtain either a master (restricted), limited contractor or a journeyman license.

Requirements and Obtain Required Documents

  • Your Company must be registered in the state and you must have you EIN. Click here to order!


  • To obtain your Home Improvement License you are required to provide a financial statement with your application. Note that the net worth (assets - liabilities) must be at least $20,000.

Note: If you are not able to provide a positive net worth, you may obtain a two year $20,000 surety bond instead.

  • Provide proof of net worth

If real estate is listed on your financial statement you must provide a copy of your current property assessment notice(s). You are also required to enclose copies of the last three months of personal bank statements. Note that business accounts are not taken into consideration.

Note: Your application should have a notarized signature of co-owner(s) of real estate, bank accounts or other assets (if any).

  • Provide real estate and bank statements

Along with your application you will need to submit a current, original credit report (no older than 90 days). You can obtain a credit report via Annual Credit Report.

  • Provide a credit report

  • Proof of general liability insurance of $50,000 or more must be submitted. The certificate must include the name of the applicant and the company’s name and the Maryland Home Improvement Commission should be designated as the certificate holder.

  • Submit certificate of liability insurance

  • You are required to provide a copy of all conviction records regarding felonies (and any misdemeanor convictions relating to a home improvement transaction) along with a letter of explanation of each conviction plus proof of completion of parole/probation.

  • Submit a copy of conviction records


You must take the exam. The exam is only offered in English.

There are 55 questions on the exam. You have 150 minutes to complete the exam. You must have a score of 39 or greater to pass the exam.

Type of Questions:

  1. Home Improvement Law-41 questions

  2. Door to Door Sales Acts-4 questions

  3. Labor Laws-3 questions

  4. Safety Regulations- 4 questions

  5. Estimating-3 questions

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